Made in Italy home decor
Category Brand
Year: 2020
A thread connects the brand's iconic décor spirit to its natural view towards the future. An unceasing dialogue between origins and evolution, where in the center we find Black Tie, and from which the renewed aesthetic and product codes are born. This path, always in motion, leads the brand to identify itself in a concept of contemporary home décor, which forges an exquisitely sophisticated style and shapes a catalog of collections with a unique and timeless taste.
The interior design concept from which Black Tie is inspired is suited to the constant research for a meeting point between architecture and the product, between the room and the objects that compose it. A balance with a strong personality, which underlies originality and authenticity: a unique and original style that combines influences from different design expressions and reminiscences of the past, to create surprising combinations. Its intrinsic dynamism, combined with continuous innovation, make the Black Tie language changeable and timeless: everything that is new, is current, and remains contemporary.